Why Canada ?

Moving to a new country for a shot while or for a longer term can be overwhelming prospect. It is a courageous act to leave a life you know for one that is unknown.


What is it that you are looking for?

  A country less restricted and more stable than your won?

  A better standard of living than the one in your own country?

  Employment opportunities in your field that don't exist in your own country?

  Long stretches of white sandy beaches and clear blue skies?

  Freedom form terrorism?

  A better climate?

  Joining your family who are already settled abroad?

  A better secure future for your children?

If these are one of the many reasons you want to start a new life, a new future though it may seem like a dream at the moment, with the best professional help, your dreams will be materialized into reality.

Canada is a land of great beauty, form the rugged shores of the east to the mild climate and beautiful mountains of the west coast. With its coast, vast forests, mountain ranges, lakes and expanses of prairies, Canada is rich in natural resources. A country with one of the world's highest standards of living, spacious environments, and with innumerable opportunities for newcomers, Canada has much to offer to immigrants from all over the world. Today Canada welcomes people all over 150 countries and is well known for its open and generous society.

Canada has one of the most stable economies and the world and was rated as having the best quality of life in all the G8 countries, which include France, Germany, Japan, Italy, USA, Russia and the UK. It is a country with one of the world's highest standards of living spacious environments, and with innumerable opportunities for new comers. Education, welfare economical factors- everything that adds up to a superior quality of life. There are exciting and dynamic places to live and there's always room for more!

Canada leads for world to terms of stable economy. For the sixth year in a row and the seventh time in ten years the United Nations Development Program has ranked Canada first in its human development index. Canada provides its inhabitants with unequaled access to the richest markets in the world. Historically, natural resources and agriculture have been the mainstays of the nation's wealth. As a world leader in the production of wheat, barley, uranium, zinc, iron ores, gas, oil and hydroelectric power, the economy is closely tied to the US.


Canada offers many social benefits:

  Free medical coverage for all members of the family.

  The education system is the best here. Canada has excellent and fully funded.

  Schools right up to college level.

  Pensions for old aged people.

  Free government programs to study and learn professions and languages.

Canadians enjoy a comfortable standard of living, good health care, social security, a high level of education and a relatively safe and clean environment. A peaceful, non-violent country, Canada is a place where you and your family can build your future, a place you can call home.

Choosing a career path is not an easy decision. You may want to continue with your career, occupation or you may want to enter a new field. Finding the right job and working environment can make all the difference in your life.

In order to work legally in Canada, one must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). This is that unique number assigned to every person without which he wouldn't get a job, pay income tax and receive benefits. To acquire an application you can go to any Human Resources Centre of Canada (HRCC). Applications are also available at Canada Post Offices and other agencies.

Some provisional governments offer incentives for certain types of professionals and workers in order to concentrate them in areas that need their services. Some provinces are more in need of trades people than the others, depending on the predominant industries there. There are many types of occupations eligible for incentives and they change from time to time depending on the demand.

You might want to start your job search even before you leave your home country. By checking relevant trade journals and other publications from Canada, you can fine many ads that suit your criteria. Human Resources Centre of Canada (HRCC) specializes in helping people find jobs. There are general postings in bulletin boards at these centers as well as qualified counselors who can help you. Also contacting an employment agency either in your home country or in Canada can be of immense help.


Some of the assets that Canadian employers value are:

  Ability in more than one language.

  If you have a prior work experience in Canada that would be a definite asset.

  People with computer related skills are encouraged to work in Canada.

  Employers prefer people with a great deal of practical training.

There are some other factors that you need to consider above your own desires. If you are bringing your family and children you will want to go to a location that suit your spouse and children.